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Export from the Netherlands to other EU countries: intra-community supplies of goods

  • No VAT is charged on our invoice for VAT-liable companies in other EU countries. This only applies if CitroenAir sends the goods to another EU country. You must then submit your VAT identification number from another EU country with your customer details. We call this an intra-community supplies of goods. This delivery is charged with 0% VAT. For the buyer of the goods, this is an intra-community acquisition in the EU country where the goods go. In that country he has to pay the VAT.

  • Do you not have a VAT identification number? Then the 0% rate does not apply. In that case, we have to charge you VAT.
Super !

Everything was perfect and organized . I have an answer very quickly . I received the items, now i will try them . I didnt put 5 stars because i didnt try yet ! =)

Guillaume Bertrand
06 May 2022

9 / 10
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